Wanchain Wancoin

Wanchain – A New Decentralized Financial Market

WHAT IS WANCHAIN? Wanchain acts as a global financial platform that is able to exchange assets / value between different kinds of blockchains. Let us keep it as simple as possible -> Imagine Wanchain as...
What is an ICO

What is an ICO? – The ICO Beginners Guide

What is an ICO and Everything You Need to Know (For Beginners) ICOs & Cryptocurrencies have been a trend in the finance industry last year and it seems we have just seen the beginning of...
Sumokoin cryptocurrency price

Sumokoin value research

Hello world! This is my first public crypto article so go easy on me. I am going to make the case for SUMOkoin (SUMO on Cryptopia) from a pure value perspective speaking as a...
Sumokoin Cryptocurrency

Sumokoin – A rocket in Stealth Mode

After the rise of Verge with a negative touch and lots of drama as privacy coin and a growing interest in privacy coins, I received tons of messages and emails (thank you guys) on...
Verge Wraith Protocol Release

Verge & the Wraith Protocol

The Verge "Wraith Protocol" The rise of the Verge cryptocurrency had a very negative side effect but the coin is not dead, after the next ATH and on its path to the top10 cryptocurrencies we...
Verge XVG Cryptocurrency

The Rise Of Verge Alias “The Monero Slayer”

What is Verge and why do some people call it "Monero Slayer"? What is Verge #XVG and why do more and more investors jump on it. In the last couple of days we could see...
Cardano ADA Cryptocurrency

Cardano – A Sleeping Giant?

What Is Cardano and Why Do Some People Call It The Linux Of The Cryptocurrencies? Cardano catched the attention of investors and the entire crypto community since it got its place in the top 20...
What is Litecoin?

What is Litecoin? A quick introduction

An Overview on Litecoin and How this Cryptocurrency Works What is Litecoin and why does it so suddenly jump to the moon? To understand what Litecoin is and to what chances and advantages it carries,...
What is Monero

What is Monero – A Beginners Guide

What is Monero? Let's start learning about Monero After Bitcoin prices are are skyrocketing, people start asking: "Ok with Bitcoin, got it, but what is Monero?". Monero markets itself as a secure and private currency...
ICO Investing in Initial Coin Offering - What is an ICO?

ICO Basics Guide – A Worthy Investment?

ICO Basics Guide – a Worthy Investment? What is an ICO and how can I invest? Is it worth an investment? And what do they mean by offering these so called tokens? What is a...