cryptocurrencies rising

Cryptocurrencies on the rise

Cryptocurrencies will rise - Like it or don't The previous year was a great year for cryptocurrencies. The hype was unparalleled, and this has caused what some people called "cryptomania" towards the end of 2017....
Waltonchain Cryptocurrency

What is Waltonchain Cryptocurrency?

What is Waltonchain and Walton Coin? Waltonchain is a Chinese project that merges the blockchain technology and the next-generation radio-frequency identification, also known as RFID, to create a management system in the supply chain. Walton...

5 Global Brands That Will Adopt Blockchain

5 Global Brands That Will Adopt Blockchain Not everyone is confident that Bitcoin is a good investment. However, some multinational companies agree that the technology running Bitcoin, blockchain, can revolutionize the workplace, increase productivity,...

Ripple Price – A what if projection

Ripple Price & How It Could Work Together with Mastercard and Visa Ripple or XRP is a Cryptocurrency, created for Financial Institutions and payment processing companies and has a pretty clear and defined Use-Case of...
Wanchain Wancoin

Wanchain – A New Decentralized Financial Market

WHAT IS WANCHAIN? Wanchain acts as a global financial platform that is able to exchange assets / value between different kinds of blockchains. Let us keep it as simple as possible -> Imagine Wanchain as...
What is an ICO

What is an ICO? – The ICO Beginners Guide

What is an ICO and Everything You Need to Know (For Beginners) ICOs & Cryptocurrencies have been a trend in the finance industry last year and it seems we have just seen the beginning of...
Swiss Crypto Valley Cryptocurrency

Swiss Crypto Power to “Become the Crypto Nation”

Switzerland did it again! While politicians and pseudo experts in many countries do not understand the power and technological aspects of cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology (blockchain), Switzerland goes on and puts the puzzle pieces...
Sumokoin cryptocurrency price

Sumokoin value research

Hello world! This is my first public crypto article so go easy on me. I am going to make the case for SUMOkoin (SUMO on Cryptopia) from a pure value perspective speaking as a...
Bitcoin Prediction Bullshit

Bitcoin prediction epic fails

Experts And their 30 Bitcoin Epic Fail Predictions There is a saying: "If you have absolutely no idea, just do others a favor and shut up from time to time". Entire industries these days are...
Sumokoin Cryptocurrency

Sumokoin – A rocket in Stealth Mode

After the rise of Verge with a negative touch and lots of drama as privacy coin and a growing interest in privacy coins, I received tons of messages and emails (thank you guys) on...