NASDAQ Bitcoin Futures

NASDAQ – Bitcoin Futures Launch Mid of 2018

Bitcoin futures in 2018? No that's not a joke, it's coming down the road as the Wall Street Journal revealed today. Within the first half of 2018, Nasdaq and Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. will...
IOTA partners with microsoft for platform

IOTA partners with Microsoft, Fujitsu and 20 more companies

One of my personal crypto favourites I have mentioned already in "IOTA and the Internet of Things", comes up with some more interesting partnerships and projects. If you haven't read the article already, I...
Amazon registered 3 cryptocurrency domain names

Amazon registered 3 Cryptocurrency Domain Names

As rumors have already been spread on the internet that Amazon might implement cryptocurrencies into their payment processes, it seems that these rumors could have a solid fundamental case as Amazon registered 3 cryptocurrency...
Bitcoin Rise To The Moon

Bitcoin could hit $50,000 in the next decade

Bitcoin is here to stay as you could read many times in the media. Even if it was facing a hight load of skepticism, the cryptocurrency set a new record high over the past...

39 Years Old Man Sold All His Properties to Invest in Bitcoin

We all know Bitcoin is in its hype and people are going crazy to get themselves into the market of making money. We have been listening to statements made at different levels either Bitcoin will drop...
Bitcoin and Matthew Goetz - Internet of the 90s

Bitcoin is like the Internet in the 1990s – Matthew Goetz

Remember the Internet in the 1990s? Some people might remember the internet of the 1990s and how things worked at that time. I remember myself working in Germany for a pretty huge marketing company close...
Ripple Coin And Swift Takeover

Ripple still targets a SWIFT takeover

Don't underestimate Ripple! Even after altcoin prices have dropped, the Ripple coin still follows its masterplan which should keep investors pretty happy. Ripples focus remains to act as a bridge between the current fiat currency...
morgan stanley bitcoin cryptocurrency

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman: Bitcoin Is ‘More Than Just A Fad’

After the suspect statements and acting of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon about Bitcoin and that it is a "fraud" now the head of one of the biggest banks stated, bitcoin is "more than just...
Draghi ECB Cryptocurrencies

European Central Bank has No Power to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi, stated that the ECB doesn't have the power to regulate cryptocurrencies. Draghi stated in his own words that "it would actually not be in our powers to prohibit...
JPMorgan buys bitcoin

Did JP Morgan buy Bitcoins after CEO Jamie Dimon called it “a fraud”?

A couple of days ago JP Morgan executive Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud” stated he would fire employee who trade bitcoins as in fact they must be "stupid." In the meantime it seems...